LCV Subscriptions by Renault Trucks – Frequently Asked Questions

Subscription Services

You simply need to sign up with your full name and email

You will initially need to provide the following:

  • Company Name, Company Registration number and SIC code

No, unfortunately the service is only available and open to limited companies at this time.

Our digital verification and contract process means you can have a vehicle in a very short space of time. We ask for a cushion of 2 business days in order to ensure that we cover everything we need.

A pick up date will then be agreed upon once you have passed through these checks and all relevant documents have been filled out and your first payment has been received.

Any individual collecting the vehicle must have a valid UK driving licence and proof of insurance.

Upon requesting a vehicle we will carry out company credit checks. In some circumstances, we will also need to carry out individual checks against directors. Please ask us if you require any further information.

All documents relating to your LCV subscription will be shared with you via a secure portal, which will be accessible to you with a username and password of your choosing. Your LCV Subscriptions by Renault Trucks account manager will notify you when documents requiring your attention is shared with you.

Any documents requiring a signature will be clearly highlighted and in all instances where signature is required, this will be done electronically.

Not yet. We are working with a specific fleet of vehicles while we are in the early stages of launching the product.


We take your first payment and any deposit via direct debit in advance of you collecting the vehicle. Subsequent payments are taken monthly via direct debit.


Wagonex can arrange insurance for the vehicle if required. Please contact Wagonex on for more information

Yes, you are able to use your own insurance subject to approval by Renault Trucks Financial Services.

You must provide proof of fully comprehensive insurance on the vehicle prior to delivery. The vehicle will need to be on its own comprehensive policy - a ‘driving other vehicle’ type arrangement from another policy is not sufficient. We will advise you of the necessary vehicle details in advance so that you can get insurance and confirm to us that the insurance is in place prior to taking delivery of the vehicle.

You must maintain fully comprehensive insurance for the period of time shown in the hire agreement, with the hire period commencing on the date of delivery.

Servicing and Maintenance

Your contract will clearly show what is covered under the agreement for your vehicle.

Your vehicle will be maintained by the dealership where you collected the vehicle. As and when any work is required it is your responsibility to book the vehicle into the relevant workshop.


The minimum subscription length that we offer is 1 month.

Please contact us for details if you wish to switch a vehicle at the end of your current subscription.

If you know which vehicle you would like but don’t see it on our platform, then please get in touch and let us know. We love hearing from our customers.

The typical mileage limit is 2,000 miles per calendar month, with some vehicles having a higher limit. Please contact us for specifics regarding certain vehicles if you are unable to see the specific mileage limit. Your vehicle’s mileage allowance will be outlined to you before you receive your vehicle.

You need to return the vehicle to the location where you originally collected the vehicle

Additional Information

Roadside assistance is included with every vehicle.

You are responsible for all PCNs (parking and speeding fines etc.) while you are under contract with our vehicles.

No, you may not smoke in the vehicle or allow any other passenger to smoke in the vehicle.

You will be liable for any damage outside of fair wear and tear.

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