Our story

Countless industries from music to razor blades have been transformed by digital businesses adopting the subscription model. Some industries have seen global brands partnering with young innovative technology start-ups in order to explore new business models and find new solutions. Today you are seeing both!

Wagonex has partnered with Renault Trucks Financial Services to launch a LCV subscription product. Wagonex provides you with the subscription platform, Renault Trucks Financial Services provides you with the subscription agreement for you to use its range of light commercial vehicles.

Wagonex is a UK based automotive subscription software specialist with head office in Cardiff, innovation hub in London and team of experts across multiple geographies.

Renault Trucks Financial Services is a trading name of VFS Financial Services Limited. Renault Trucks Financial Services is the captive finance provider to Renault Trucks.

Our team has achieved a huge amount in a very short timeframe. Being able to have an LCV on a flexible basis through subscription is incredible. Our team is very excited by the potential this partnership has to make a difference. Please take a look and sign up to the platform. We look forward to keeping you posted with updates and news.

Our Team

Toby kernon
CEO & Founder
Joakim Thomter
Head of Growth
Carl Sanderson
Advisor & Business Development
CTO and advisor
Senior Product Manager
Elizabeth Moore
Customer Operations Manager